Kids Healthy Cooking Tips

Stella cooking

Kids enjoy helping in the kitchen, and learning to cook at a young age is a boon for life. Kids can bring healthy eating to their families by growing a fruit and veggie garden in their backyard or community garden. Eating local organic in season produce is the secret for all around health. Healthy Kid Chefs can steam fresh organic veggies and add them to sauces, finely chop them raw into salads, and slice them raw with homemade dips to capture all the flavor and vitamins. Fresh organic veggies steamed lightly, leaving a little crunch and bright color, are filled with vitamins and minerals and can be added to any dish for extra nutrition. Kid Chefs can substitute healthy ingredients, lots of veggies, whole grains, and beans, to create the foods they love. Kids can learn to cook healthy meals by steaming and roasting food instead of frying, cooking from scratch instead of processed food, and drinking fresh water and organic fruit smoothies instead of sugary drinks. Kid Chefs can use healthy cookware like clad stainless steel, seasoned cast iron, ceramic titanium and glass Pyrex and wash their hands with soap and water often when cooking and eating. Fruits and veggies have many essential nutrients in their skins to eat and need to be washed thoroughly. Kid Chefs always leave the kitchen cleaner than when they found it. Three kitchen implements are good starters for kids beginning to cook: the wooden spoon, tongs, and the mortar and pestle. Kid chefs can read the recipe several times while gathering all the cooking tools and ingredients, taking each step of the recipe in order, and enjoying the culinary adventure. Kids can decide what to cook, choose which ingredients to use, and use the method of cooking they prefer. It’s amazing how much better food cooked from scratch tastes. Kids love to have their family and friends enjoy eating the food they have helped prepare.

Kids can benefit in many ways by learning to cook. Kids have a feeling of accomplishment, confidence, and self-esteem when they create a meal their family enjoys. Kids learn math skills, reading comprehension, logical thinking, science skills, and hand-eye coordination preparing the food and following the recipe. Cooking requires patience and responsibility to complete the tasks at the right time. Kids feel a surge of creativity, artfully arranging their dish to be even more appetizing. Kids expand their awareness of the world they live in using different ethnic cooking styles and new foods. When kids grow an organic backyard garden, they want to eat what they grow. Picky eaters that learn to cook discover for themselves a world of flavor, especially when cooking with their own home grown organic veggies which taste extra delicious. Kids benefit by eating a variety of healthy fresh picked foods they have fun preparing. Preparing a meal also takes team work and organization skills with family and friends. Time spent cooking together is a wonderful way to make cherished family memories with opportunities for deeper communication. Cooking fills the house with wonderful aromas and encourages families to eat their meals together around the table. Kids can become more self-sufficient when they learn to prepare healthy meals from food they have grown and earn the esteem of family and friends when they learn to cook delicious dishes that everyone enjoys

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