Kids Self-Watering Containers


Urban kids can create an edible garden on a flat roof in the city with self-watering containers, in which plants draw water up from a reservoir below. Kids can create a self-watering container by making good drainage holes and an overflow hole in a bucket, filling it with organic potting soil, and placing it in a reservoir of water. The self-watering container can create a growing environment that is ideal for the veggie plants as long as kids keep filling the reservoir. Seeds can be started in a self-watering planter with capillary matting and a reservoir giving seedlings a consistent level of moisture. Containers that are purchased at the home improvement centers have a fill level to know how much water is in the reservoir. A false bottom holds the soil away from the water with narrow slats to allow air flow. Use the plug to close the refill hole in the reservoir to keep out pests. The reservoir does not need to constantly full, especially not before a rainstorm. Kids just need to make sure there is always some water in the reservoir, and they can grow a veggie garden in various size self-watering containers on a flat roof, a balcony, a front porch, or a patio.

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