Kids Pollinator Garden


Kids can attract butterflies, bees and other pollinators by planting food for them that kids like too. Kids can find a large container, 18 to 24 inches, and fill it with organic potting soil and starter plants: organic strawberry, basil, parsley, and thyme. Bees, butterflies, and kids like these plants. Kids can plant milkweed to give a home to the monarch butterfly. Organic gardening improves the soil, air, and water in the garden, as it uplifts the spirit, renews the mind, and recharges the body of the gardener. Kids can use self-watering containers or attach a drip watering system between patio, balcony, or deck veggie garden containers. Raised bed pollinator gardens can include squash, borage, Jerusalem artichoke, lavender, nasturtiums, and sage. When kids add their favorite veggies, the pollinators are at home in the garden and do their job efficiently, spreading the pollen of one flower to another flower and fertilizing the plants.

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