Kids Herb Garden


Herb Gardens are perfect for a child’s first garden. Kids can find lightweight window boxes, classic containers for herbs, at garden centers. A window box garden can be started by putting gravel on the bottom and adding organic potting soil and herb seeds, such as basil, oregano, rosemary, sage, chives, thyme, and parsley. Kids can plant the seeds in moist potting soil and place name markers next to the appropriate herb. Herbs help keep aphids and other harmful bugs out of the garden, while pollinators and beneficial insects love their flowers, making herbs the best companion plants for the vegetable garden. Herbs are hardy perennials and once established will keep growing year after year. Kids can pick fresh herbs to add flavor and health to any dish. Green plants use energy from sunlight and kids digest this sunshine food to grow and stay healthy. Growing herbs allows kids to experience them at the peak of their freshness. The more kids harvest the tops of the plants, the longer they will be at their best before they flower.

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