Kids Investigate Labels


Kids can be detectives at the market and read all the food packaging labels on the foods that go into the shopping cart. Kids can find lots of information to make healthy food choices. The Nutrition Facts food label tells kids how many servings are in the package, how big the servings are and how many calories are in each serving. It also tells kids how much nutrition this food provides and the percentage of the daily requirements of nutrients this food meets. Kids can check for chemical additives and preservatives, allergy advice, instructions about storage conditions, defrosting, and cooking times to ensure the food is fresh and safe to eat. Kids can hunt down the Use by Date which tells how long the food may be stored. Kids can check at home for any food in the pantry or refrigerator that has an expired Use by Date and throw out any food that is past due. When kids get interested in valuing their bodies, making the right food choices, and choosing the proper portion sizes, they get the best start to a happy, healthy life.

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