Kid Chef Wraps


Kids can stuff organic whole wheat tortillas for a healthy on the go meal with almost anything. Leftovers are yummy for lunch the next day in a wrap. Eating raw local organic veggies is the secret to good health. Kids can eat the skins of washed organic veggies, which have an amazing amount of nutrients. Fresh organic salad greens straight from the garden taste incredibly alive. Kid Chefs can make a veggie wrap by placing an organic whole wheat tortilla sprinkled with ¼ cup shredded organic pepper jack cheese in a 350 degree oven until it puffs up in the middle, about 7 minutes. On top of the warm tortilla put salad greens, 8 thin slices cucumber, one slice tomato, ½ grated carrot, and ¼ sliced avocado. Kids can add sea salt and a dressing of tahini, lemon juice, and organic extra virgin olive oil. Fold the ends in and fold the sides together and slice down the middle for a healthy snack or lunch.

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