Kids Living in the Garden

roof garden

Our urban areas are often eroding cement spaces barren of nature, where kids have no place to interact with plants and trees. Kids can create organic edible gardens everywhere people live and gather, in urban patio, roof, balcony, and living wall gardens, in school gardens, and in community gardens. Families can improve their health, their prosperity, and their environment in the suburbs by planting fruit trees along the alley, covering fences with grapes or raspberries, and replacing lawns with edible raised bed and container gardens, water features, and outdoor rooms. Kids will get inspired to cook what they grow using an outdoor kitchen. Water features are soothing to the spirit and invite birds to keep unwanted pests out of the garden. Gazebos, porches, pergolas, and decks can create shaded outdoor rooms to gather, eat, or work. Kids feel connected to nature when the transition between the indoors and outdoors is as smooth as possible with wide doors, awnings and trellises. City kids can plant a dwarf fruit tree in a large container by the front door. Kids can live in the garden by creating outdoor rooms, producing abundant fruits and veggies, and using sustainable organic principles.

One Comment on “Kids Living in the Garden

  1. YES! Container gardening is great! My daughter and I have peach, cherry, fig, apple, pomegranate, and nectarine trees in containers.

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