Kids Garden Fun


Kids can find lots of activities in their backyard organic edible garden. The patio table can be a garden craft table for fun projects, like making paper windmills. Kids can make a rainbow of vegetables by either harvesting ripe produce or making a chart of rainbow colors and listing the fruits and veggies under the different colors. If it’s a hot day, kids can run through the hose or sprinkler and look for the rainbow in the water. Kids can collect soil from different parts of the yard in small containers and study it at the table for color, rocks, clay, sand, wet soil, or worms. Kids can use a magnifier to study the plants and insects or binoculars to watch the birds. Kids can snip a sprig of several different kind of herbs, describe their smell on paper, and press them between wax paper under a large book to later glue on the paper. Kids can attract insect eating birds to their garden by preparing a tantalizing treat of peanut butter and birdseed on a pine cone and hanging it in a tree. Fun activities for kids in the garden are wonderful learning experiences in an outdoor laboratory.

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