Healthy Kid Basil


Sweet smelling basil is attractive to kids and tastes as good as it smells fresh from the garden. Kids can grow basil in a pot and pick individual leaves to add to a dish anytime. When kids prune the flower buds, they extend the growing season. Kids can dry the flower spikes to add to a potpourri and they keep their green color. When planted with tomatoes, basil helps repel aphids. Fresh basil stems can be placed in a vase of water and will last for a week. Kids can use basil with pasta, tomatoes, and Indian dishes, but add basil at the end of cooking time to keep the flavor. There are many species of basil, but kids like the large leafed sweet ocimum basilicum. Basil has been found in Egyptian burial chambers and Holy Basil, tulsi, has been sacred in India for at least five thousand years. Tulsi herbal tea supports the immune system and relieves stress. Kids can make classic Italian Caprese Toast by drizzling extra virgin olive oil on slices of organic baguette and broiling 3 minutes on both sides until golden brown. Top with fresh sliced organic tomatoes and sliced fresh organic mozzarella cheese, sea salt, basil leaves, and a drizzle of olive oil and serve.

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