Healthy Kid Rosemary


Kids can grow a beautiful rosemary plant in a medium size pot that can be sheltered if winter nights get below 20 degrees. Rosemary grows large quite quickly with needle shaped leaves and is a lovely addition to the patio. Kids can also plant it in a veggie garden as a companion plant to confuse carrot flies and cabbage moths. Bees and other pollinators love rosemary flowers. As Shakespeare said, rosemary is for remembrance and is often used in potpourri, sachets, and bath packets. Scientific evidence shows that smelling rosemary stimulates brain chemistry and helps depression. Rosemary leaves and flowers can also be made into herbal tea for digestion, headaches, and energy. Organic rosemary is a classic culinary herb, full of antioxidants. Kids can cut sprigs from the top of the plant with scissors and snip it into small pieces. It is delicious fresh when added to beans, potatoes, pasta, or bread.

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