Kids Organic Container Garden


Kids can grow an amazing amount of food in containers filled with organic vegetable garden planting mix and placed in a small area with at least six hours of sun. Many kids in cities have been alienated from nature, having no idea where their food comes from and afraid of bugs and getting dirty. Experiencing the wonders of the natural world by growing herbs and veggies in pots and containers, kids get so excited growing their garden that they can hardly wait to eat the fruits and veggies. Containers can be found at garden centers, yard sales and in the garage, then painted and decorated for indoor, patio, deck or ledge veggie gardens. The container must have good drainage and be filled with healthy organic soil fill that has micro-organisms and is balanced for growing food. Kid can plant herbs in window boxes, salads in hanging baskets, strawberries in planter railings, and peas on trellises in planter boxes. Kids can use empty vertical spaces to create a stunning living wall, space divider, or privacy screen by hanging layers of various types of planters from the porch roof. Fruit trees will grow by a sunny door in a large container, making a beautiful focal point and producing year after year. Kids can hang fabric wall pockets, wire baskets, or wood planter boxes on a sunny wall or fence to grow herbs and veggies. Feeding an organic fertilizer formulated for vegetables every few weeks, kids can add nutrients to the plants which grow veggies rich with nutrients for kids. Kids can set up an inexpensive drip watering system for the patio pots and containers and schedule the right amount of water at the right time of day for their herbs and veggies with a battery run timer. When kids plant an organic container garden, they discover that the secret to good health is eating a rainbow of fresh organic fruit and veggies.

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