Kids Garden Potpourri


When kids plant a container garden of herbs, they can create natural aromatherapy with the varied healing fragrances of the herbs wafting in the air, raising spirits and soothing tensions. Kids can make an Herbal Potpourri by drying herbs and citrus peals. Craft stores have Orrisroot pearls that capture and hold fragrances. Kids can mix the Orrisroot pearls with 5 drops of lavender essential oil and pour into a glass jar with the lid on for two days. Even a few flowers and herbs in a dish without the Orrisroot step give a lovely aroma. Kids can gather heads of lavender, miniature rose, and basil flowers and sprigs of rosemary and thyme at the peak of their perfection. They can be dried thoroughly on a tray in a pantry to concentrate the volatile oils. Kids can peal an organic lemon, tear the peal into inch size pieces, place on a tray in the pantry, and squeeze the juice for lemonade. The herbs and peals will dry in a few days. Mix the infused Orrisroot, the herbs, and peals and pour into an air tight container and let it sit for two weeks. Kids can pour the potpourri in a bowl and let the fragrance create a delightful atmosphere in the house.

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