Healthy Kid Mint


Kids enjoy the fragrance of mint growing in a container on the patio and love it in ice cream and cake. Notoriously rampant and invasive, mint grows wonderfully in a small to medium pot which contains the creeping roots from spreading everywhere. Organic mint is easy to grow and likes moderate and steady moisture. There is an amazing variety of different flavors of mint, all different in taste from chocolate mint to ginger mint. Spearmint is the most used culinary mint and grows quickly. Mint is delightful in salads, desserts, herbal teas, and sauces. Kids can make a Peppermint tea to help with a stomach ache by steeping a few leaves in a cup of boiling water and honey. Mint is rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C, and the menthol in mint aids digestion and eases intestinal cramps. Mint tastes good and mixes well with many teas and fruits, like mint limeade. Kids can cut leaves from the top of the stem to harvest and mix with yogurt and cucumbers for cool summer dip with raw veggies. Kids can plant three or four different mints in a mix of favorite flavors, growing styles, and color patterns, creating a beautiful gourmet mint container on the deck.

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