Kids’ Pet Soil


Kids can make a pet of their soil. Just like any pet, the soil needs water, air, and food. Soil is alive with many microscopic organisms, bugs, and earthworms that create nutrients for the veggies in the garden to grow. Raised garden beds or containers can be filled with a specially balanced organic soil from the local garden center for the vegetable garden with beneficial microbes plus food for those microbes to create a healthy garden. Instead of feeding only the plants with a synthetic formula that deteriorates the soil, feed the soil and make nutrients available for the plants. Kids can create an environment where the natural biological interactions that support plant survival and growth are preserved. This environment of good organic soil creates improvements in water retention and penetration, the reduction of water runoff, and the amount of oxygen in the soil which help make the plants resistant to diseases, frost, and insects. The way to feed microbes is by adding organic material. Kids can start a compost bin that comes in all sizes to create premium food for the soil with vegetable kitchen scraps, yard waste, weeds, and leaves. Kids can add red earthworms found at the garden center to eat the organic matter and leave a highly nitrous fertilizer called castings that feeds the soil and plants. Healthy soil makes healthy plants that produce fruits and veggies to grow healthy kids.

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