Kids Sow Seeds


Kids can find local certified organic seeds at the garden center, natural food store, or from a local organic gardener. Because some seeds have been genetically modified to include a poison in their DNA, look for the non-GMO, certified organic label on the seed package. Locally grown seeds indicate that the variety grows well in the local climate. Seeds need oxygen in the soil, enough water, and warmth to sprout. Kids can get organic vegetable potting soil with microscopic organisms to start the seeds and fill the containers they will occupy. Kids can sow seeds directly into the soil, sow in plastic trays with small multiple compartments, sow in a wet paper towel, or sow in a replantable pot like coconut coir. Kids can keep them indoors in a warm dark place until they sprout and then move them to a sunny window. When seedlings are about two inches tall, they need to be placed outdoors in a warm sheltered place to allow them to acclimatize to the outside conditions and temperatures before planting. A seedling sowed in a replantable pot can be placed straight into the soil of the proper sized container that will hold the fully grown plant. This avoids root disturbance, earthworms love to eat coconut coir, and the pot quickly rots, allowing the roots to penetrate the soil. Kids can make a plant marker to know what seeds are growing in the container.

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