Kids Patio Composting


Kids can find many different types of compost bins at the hardware store or garden center from small enough to sit on the kitchen sink to a large trash bin. There are many covered bins with pleasing designs that can be placed in a sunny spot on the patio with attractive pots and planters around it, where organic yard wastes, weeds, and leaves can be recycled. Placing the bin near the kitchen makes it easier to daily add to the compost organic vegetable kitchen scraps, tea bags, coffee grounds, shredded paper, and cardboard. Kids need to be careful not to put any plants with pesticides or herbicides, no pet poop, no meat, and no diseased plants in the compost bin. Kids can turn the compost bin regularly aerating the compost to aid the decomposing process. It can take six months to a year for the compost to decompose and be ready to be used in the veggie containers. Kids can add a trowel full at a time of organic compost into the soil of the garden containers every few weeks to feed the soil and grow veggies that are rich in nutrients.


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