Kids Whole Grain Baking


Kids can make a difference in the health of their bodies and in the health of the planet by what foods they choose. By choosing organic products, kids can help keep poisons out of more crops by consumer power as well as out of their bodies. Organic farmers abide by strict rules to provide the highest quality of food without herbicides or pesticides and their practices improve the air, water, and soil. Whole grains contain more fiber, which aids digestion and keeps kids full longer. Whole grains also keep the bran and germ which are their nutrient-rich parts. In baking, whole grains are sweeter with a wide variety of delectable flavors and textures. Baking with organic whole grain flours, kids can eat their cake, feel good, and be healthy. At the natural food store, kids can find a wide range of organic flours to use in baking treats. All flours have different characteristics and many need to be blended with other flours to create baked goods. Gluten-free organic whole grain flours, like amaranth flour and buckwheat flour, are protein rich with a nutty taste. Millet, teff, barley, and brown rice whole grain flours are gluten-free and mild tasting that make wholesome delicious baked treats. Organic whole wheat pastry flour is nutty and sweet and is perfect for muffins, tarts, and cookies.


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