Kids Edible Hanging Baskets


Kids can use sixteen inch diameter or larger hanging baskets made of wire mesh or solid sided to grow veggies. Kid can create attractive arrangements with lots of growth in a deep basket to add more compost to feed the root systems. Hanging baskets are suspended in mid-air and dry out quickly in hot weather. Inexpensive drip watering kits are available and easy to assemble, solving the big problem of remembering to water the plants. Kids can hang them in a semi-shady area where it still gets full sun for several hours, but won’t dry out as quickly. Filling the basket with organic vegetable potting soil and compost, kids can position the plants to cover the basket evenly and then add water until it starts to run through the basket. Kids can leave the newly planted basket in a sunny, sheltered place for a week before hanging in its permanent spot. Kids must not let their hanging basket dry out or the plants may run to seed. Salad greens can be planted in the basket sides where kids can pick a few leaves at a time throughout the summer. Dwarf French beans and runner beans are attractive in hanging baskets with their pink and white flowers, or kids can plant mini carrots and baby beets. Kids can also create a basket mixing herbs with various growth patterns and colors, hanging over or planted in the sides of the basket. Herbs are perennials are once established will grow for years. Kids can extend the harvest of salad greens and veggies by second plantings, rotating for a different crop, or moving indoors and have a beautifully producing hanging basket of delicious food all year long.

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