Kids Grow Food


Kids can discover a sense of well being for themselves, their family, and the planet, when they plant an organic veggie garden and learn to cook whole foods. Organic gardening improves the environment, cleaning the air and water, and offering a sustainable future for the planet. Kids can lighten the carbon footprint, save money, and be healthy by learning how to feed themselves from seed to plate. Many of the illnesses that are prevalent today can be prevented, cured, or lessened by a change in one’s diet and lifestyle. Processed foods contain an abundance of unneeded salt, sugar, and fat. Chemicals, artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives are unnecessarily included in our food and incorporated into our bodies leading to obesity, diabetes, and cancer. Over consumption of cholesterol and saturated fats has lead to heart disease. When kids grow an organic container garden with a rainbow of veggies, they can know what is in their food and discover a wonderful new world of fresh flavors eating straight from the garden. Kids have fun in the garden and enjoy watching things grow. Kids learn how to make a salad very quickly and love to eat what they grow. What could be more delicious and nutritious than eating nutrient rich live food that kids have grown themselves?

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