Kids Garden Trellis


Kids can make a garden trellis from dried grapevines, poles, cedar branches, or the classic, 6 foot lengths 1”x 2” rough cut wood and plant peas or nasturtiums to climb up it. A trellis is a vertical design on which to hang and augment a beautiful vine. Kids can paint them with non toxic paint or stain for extra weather-proofing and design. Kids can choose a trellis style that is suitable with the design of the house and garden. Popular trellis designs that kids will like are the box kite, Japanese fan, sundial, and arch. Kids can plant trailing peas or nasturtiums to climb the trellis by twisting the leaf petioles around the support of the trellis. Nasturtiums have lovely round leaves and colorful flowers with a distinctive aroma that keeps aphids, white flies, and cucumber beetles away from the vegetable garden. Peas grow on pretty vines needing 6 hours of sun a day; their pinnate leaves are topped by a curly tendril, which grasps onto the trellis. Kids need to assist the stems around the trellis before they get tangled. Young nasturtiums are delicious in salads and the leaves have a peppery taste. Kids can also cut them and put them in water as a nice surprise for their mom.

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