Kids Container Fruit Trees


Kids can grow most any kind of fruit tree in a container, but the best suited are those that have a dwarf rootstock. For centuries gardeners have enjoyed growing fruit tree in pots that can be moved indoors in the winter. The orange trees at Versailles were distributed outdoors during the warm months and lived in an entire wing of the French palace when it got cold. Kids can find their favorite organic dwarf fruit trees at the garden center that are suited for the local climate and for containers. There are fewer pest and disease for trees in pots. The growing fruit trees add beauty and luscious eating to city dwellers with small areas on patios, balconies, and decks. Figs, grapes, apples, olives, peaches, and citrus trees all do well in containers. Kids can start with a smaller pot and transplant the tree into larger containers as it grows. Every three to five years, the tree needs its roots pruned to prevent them from becoming root-bound and lengthens the life of the tree. Kids can gently remove the tree from the pot and prune several inches of soil and roots away from the side and bottom of the tree before returning to its container or move it to a bigger container with fresh soil and compost. Kids can grow fresh organic fruit in a container and have delicious snacks throughout the year.

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