Kids Transition Diet


When kids plant an organic veggie container garden on the patio, they want to eat what they have grown. As soon as the veggies start ripening, the whole family enjoys the new experience of eating homegrown produce. Starting a fruit and veggie garden in a small space can be the inspiration to change from eating at fast food restaurants and processed foods in the microwave to a healthy diet of organic whole foods. Families can start on a transition diet by selecting their favorite meals, then swap out the packaged items with long lists of ingredients on the nutrition labels, and choose healthy alternatives to create the dish at home. Kids can also visit local Farm Stands and Farmers Markets to bring local organic produce to the dinner table. Families can subscribe to a Fresh Picks program to have a box of ripe organic produce bursting with fresh flavor delivered bi-weekly from a local farm. Kids can also get diversity in their diet eating local organic food that is fresh and in season at Farm to Table Restaurants that also help small farms survive. Kids can choose organic whole grains, dried beans, and extra virgin oils and cook from scratch. By eating fresh organic live foods from the garden instead of canned, processed, or frozen, families get the most nutritious meals filled with nutrients and energy.

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