Kids Honor the Land


When kids start an organic veggie garden, they are amazed at how fast the plants grow and how good the fresh fruit tastes. They experience a spiritual attitude of awe and gratitude, a reverence for the land and the planet on which we live. At Petty Farms, Somis, CA, the family’s farming legacy is honored and commemorated by this fig tree baby from a 90 year old tree named Harry. There are kids in cities that want to honor the land and cover every available space with organic container gardens, planting veggies instead of lawns. Suburban kids where there is more land, want to create wild areas of biodiversity, to balance the ecosystems, and to eliminate anything that is harmful from the environment. Kids introduced to gardening at school, in a community garden, or in their own backyard, experience the miracle of seeds sprouting in the compost from their own kitchen veggie scraps, and glimpse the circle of life. Some kids talk to the plants, insects, and animal garden partners and find that the garden responds with abundant produce. They are delighted to plant and grow the foods that they love the most and feel emotionally renewed. Farm kids want to honor the land with generations of conscious farming practices producing abundant fruits. Gardening can bring moments of euphoria, delicious dinner hours, and long slow days of deep satisfaction relaxing in the shade and enjoying the peace and beauty of the garden. Kids can honor the land by reducing their carbon footprint, learning to cook, and growing an organic veggie garden.

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