Kids Biodiversity


Kids can discover that everything on Planet Earth is connected to everything else when they grow an organic veggie garden. Biodiversity is the incredible variety and interaction of life on Earth where each species is important to the whole. Unfortunately humans in the last century have been destroying species and spaces faster than scientists can explore their potential. Kids can be guardians of Planet Earth by creating a wildlife habitat right where they live. Kids can plant milkweed, the only home and food for Monarch butterflies, in a pot at a house, apartment, or school. Growing an organic veggie garden improves the air, water, and soil. Kids can make a home for veggie garden partners by planting things that will attract them. Kids can also reduce, reuse, and recycle, saving resources, water, and electricity. Biodiversity is about how everything on Planet Earth interacts. Plants are pollinated by insects, animals rely on plants for food and oxygen, and fungi and bacteria break down the waste. An ecological new housing development could contain solar panels, windmills, grey water gardens, passive heating/cooling, community garden and greenhouse, community center with commercial kitchen, pool, playgrounds, and bike paths. Some ways kids can help preserve the world’s species are by planting trees, growing a school garden and composting, monitoring migrating birds, and cleaning the beaches and rivers.

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