Kids Food Day


Kids in our Conejo Valley School District celebrate Food Day on Friday, October 23, by “the crunch heard ‘round the county”. At 11:15 am, community members, businesses, and students at school across Ventura County are grabbing a locally grown carrot and taking a bite. Kids across the globe will be crunching on locally sourced carrots and apples to inspire kids and their families to eat healthier diets. Many families eat processed food filled with chemicals and preservatives and very little real whole food like a fresh apple. Food Day focuses on food education to teach kids where their food comes from and to learn to prepare salads and cook meals. The American diet has lead to obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. Food Day 2015 is encouraging kids “Toward a Greener Diet”. Eating a green diet of fresh local fruits and veggies can improve the health of families and the planet by putting our food system on a sustainable path. By learning smart food choices and basic cooking skills, kids will achieve a healthy advantage for life. Food Day rallies citizens to ask for food that is healthy, affordable, and produced with care for the environment, farm animals, and the local farmers. Research on food education has shown that kids will eat what they grow in the garden and prepare in the kitchen. Learning to prepare and cook fresh fruits and vegetables gives kids healthy skills for life.

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