Kids Small Veggie Garden


Kids that live in an apartment or townhouse can grow abundant herbs and veggies in a small area. Organic container veggie gardening can be on the patio, the balcony, the roof, at the community garden, or in an under used public space. The ground space may be small but by growing the veggies vertically, kids can make shelves to hold planter boxes of salads and herbs. Climbing green beans up a trellis saves spaces and kids can harvest the beans all summer long. Easy shelves from the hardware stores can be fitted against an outdoor wall or assembled as a privacy screen and filled with pots of peppers, tomatoes, strawberries, and herbs. Wall systems of landscape material pockets and bamboo poles make any sunny wall a potential garden. These same pockets can be made into balcony railing saddlebags to fit any area. Large grow bags are great for growing potatoes. Fill a bag one-third full with soil mix, add three potato tubers, a deep layer of soil mix, three more tubers, cover with another layer of soil mix, and water the soil well. Kids can also grow organic berries and dwarf fruit trees in containers in small places with great results. Multiple plantings of salad greens, covers or cold boxes, and rotating container veggie planting can continue the harvest throughout the year.


8 thoughts on “Kids Small Veggie Garden

      1. eat2healthblog

        No community garden were afraid. Shelving is yet another ‘drama’ of renting; we would have to check with the landlord; but plant lights are definitely a great idea! Thanks. 🙂

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