Kids Ancient Whole Grains


Kids can make gourmet holiday dishes with a variety of organic whole grains that kids have been eating for thousands of years. Wheat, rice, and oats are so popular and available that other flavorful grains are overlooked. Kids will be excited to try new dishes when grains, such as amaranth, barley, cornmeal, millet, and quinoa, are easily available. Amaranth is a gorgeous red plant that is a stunning addition to the garden and a nutritional powerhouse that was a staple of the Aztecs. Kids can even pop amaranth grains like popcorn. Barley makes a hearty comforting soup rich in fiber. Kids can use organic whole grain cornmeal to make cornbread, grits, and polenta. Organic millet is an ancient grain that is still popular in Africa, India and China and makes mild gluten free noodles, porridge, and patties. Quinoa is a super food, gluten free, containing all the essential amino acids. Kids can use mason jars to stock the pantry with highly nutritious and delicious organic ancient grains. By transferring the grains from their packages to jars, kids can easily get to the grains, the jars of grain look beautiful, and the grains are kept air tight.  Kids can use these ancient organic grains in dishes to surprise and delight the entire family.

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