Kids’ Community Garden Neighbors


Families that join their local Community Garden discover a village of neighbors with skills and customs to enrich their lives. Kids meet their garden neighbors and learn to grow organic veggies with Master Gardeners, build raised bed gardens with carpenters, and cook with chefs. At the garden parties and meetings, members offer their various talents and the entire neighborhood improves. Community gardening improves the quality of life, producing delicious organic food, regular exercise, and neighborly good will. The promise of commercialism is that we can buy everything we need from happiness to health. Kids gain confidence learning to grow food and make things instead of buying more and more cheap stuff. The Community Garden can be a gym, a retreat, and a place for contemplation. Working in the garden and cooking in the kitchen can heal the unbearable pain at the root of many social ills for those who have been traumatized by war, abuse, and poverty. Instead of punishing them when they act out, inner-city kids can heal their emotional scars in the community garden and find food sustainability. Kids are recharged by the natural growing cycle in the garden. True happiness is found in simple living and high thinking. Kids find joy in putting their extra produce in the community box for families in need. Growing veggies in the Community Garden brings fresh air, exercise, neighborly associations and the healthiest food to the dinner table encouraging families to eat homemade meals together. Eating organic produce from the garden, families save money on doctor bills, enrich family relationships, and reduce their carbon footprint.

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