Kids Garden Adventures


Kids can find lots of adventures in the garden and opportunities to transform even a small space into an outdoor oasis. In the backyard or patio, kids can create an organic container veggie garden with pots of delicious tomatoes and strawberries to eat on the vine. Growing organic veggies and herbs, excites kids to try new foods and learn to cook. Any space with plants growing has the potential to encourage kids to be outside in the fresh air, grounded, and in tune with nature. It encourages carefree play, the release of stress, and projects to spark the imagination. Kids that have these positive experiences of gardening and outdoor play are able to experience being one with nature and cope with life better as adults. As wildlife explorers, kids can grow plants that attract butterflies, and track the progress of new caterpillars becoming butterflies in a butterfly journal. Kids can monitor the weather with an outdoor thermometer and rainwater gauge and collect water in a rain barrel. Kids can make colorful plant labels, garden signs, wind chimes, bird screen light catchers, and decorated pots. Being outside in the sun and fresh air, creating their own adventures and growing their own food, helps kids to connect with their place in the circle of life, giving them freedom, confidence, and responsibility.

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