Kids Waste Free Kitchen

Sharon bounty

About 40 percent of all food in the United States does not get eaten, and a great deal of this waste occurs in the home. Grocery stores carry so many products, some inevitably spoil. Restaurants with very large portions and inexperienced food handlers also contribute to food waste. Kids can help in the home to reduce food waste by helping to plan menus for the week ahead and making a list of ingredients to take to the grocery store. Kids can pick their favorite meals to have every week or two. Checking the refrigerator for inspiration, kids can add to the shopping list items to finish creating new meals. Families can stock the pantry with healthy organic whole grains and beans that store well and can be used in various ways. Kids can help cook stews, soups, and casseroles in double batches and freezing half of them to be defrosted when the family is in need of a quick, easy, and healthy dinner. Buying the right amount of food for the week and storing it properly keeps food waste to a minimum. By growing an organic container veggie garden in the patio, kids can have easy access to the freshest and healthiest food. Composting vegetable scraps, coffee grinds, and fruit peels in a compost bin instead of throwing it in the garbage keeps them from the landfill where they produce greenhouse gas as they decompose. A compost bin recycles the food and creates the best fertilizer for the veggie garden. Cooking from scratch with organic ingredients saves money, promotes health, and gathers the family around the dinner table. Kids can help their families create a healthy waste free kitchen with meal planning, shopping lists, a stocked pantry, frozen meals, a veggie garden and a compost bin.

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