Kids Nature Printing

Addison's garden

Kids can make prints of leaves, flowers, fruits, veggies, and their hands on cards, calendars, fabric, and posters for holiday gifts. For nice decorative accent hangings in the kitchen, kids can mat and frame small vegetable prints. Kids can find perfect plant specimens for Nature printing in a patio organic container herb and veggie garden. When kids pick and use them immediately after cutting, plant materials don’t have to be dried and pressed to make a print. Kids can use stamp pads with different colored inks with leaves and small veggies that fit the stamp pad. Water based inks work best with veggies. Kids can make several prints with the same leaf using tweezers to move the leaf to the stamp pad. On the stamp pad, cover the leaf with a small piece of paper and press the leaf into the ink. Position the leaf on the printing paper, cover it with another piece of paper, and press all around. Use the tweezers to make additional prints of that leaf. Kids can also use felt tipped markers to ink the leaf. Watercolor paints can be brushed onto halved or sliced fruits or veggies. Place the halved fruit paint side down on the printing surface, press hard, and remove carefully. Kids can make lovely holiday cards and gifts by printing with leaves and veggies from the garden.

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