Kids Gardening Tools


Toddlers can start off with small kid-sized plastic tools to work the soil. Kids can always use a bucket, shovel, gathering basket, and watering can in the garden. Older kids only need a few good tools for gardening, which when kept clean, dry, and rust free will last for years. Hardware stores have all sorts of kid size tools available, sets varying from ages 2 – 12. Kids can make a garden tool tote with a small wooden crate and some paints. Kids can make a hole on each side of the crate and insert a rope to make a handle, knotting each end tightly. Kids can fill the tote with scissors, a trowel, pruner sheers, plant markers, gardening gloves, a garden journal, and a seed catalog to start. Winter is a great time to clean up the garden tools. Older kids can use a metal file to sharpen the blades and sandpaper to smooth rough wood handles. Linseed oil is great for oiling wood handles and blades, and lubricating sheers. Kids can find a magnifier for their tool tote to study the plants and insects or binoculars to watch the birds. In the winter, kids can dream of their spring gardens looking at seed catalogs, cleaning their tools, and making garden plans in their journals.

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