Kids Healthy Eating


Kids that grow an organic container veggie garden have access to the healthiest food on the planet. Kids with access to a salad bar for school lunch eat three times more fruits and veggies, the magic secret for all around health. With farm to school programs, kids can eat fresh organic locally sourced meals. Packaged, processed foods for kids are often calorie-loaded with salts, sugars, and fats to stimulate the brain to release endorphins, which produce a sense of euphoria. Research shows that eating these foods produces effects like those that come from addictive drugs, and creates the desire to eat more to repeat the feel good experience. Even some so called healthy foods are filled with chemicals and kids need to check for the organic label and read the ingredient lists. Processed foods contain unpronounceable ingredients added to preserve, thicken, stabilize color, sweeten, and flavor food that is no longer whole. Fortunately, when kids learn to cook what they grow, their taste buds change and they soon prefer the whole foods. Growing an organic garden, they are excited to try new veggies, which taste more delicious and are definitely healthier than the chemically treated, genetically modified conventional produce which has been treated with inorganic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides. When kids cook from the garden, they prefer their own dishes to fast food restaurants and processed foods and become the hit of the party cooking for their friends and families.


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