Kids Seed Tapes


Kids can order seed catalogs in the winter to plan their organic veggie garden design. With a rough sketch of the available garden space, kids can check the sun throughout the day and mark on the sketch how many hours of sunlight each area gets. Although most veggies like six hours of sun a day, some plants like more shade. Kids can cut pictures of the veggie plants they like from the seed catalogs and arrange the pictures on the sketch of their garden area. Write the plant names and how tall they will get on the sketch and glue the pictures in place. When the ordered seeds arrive, kids can make seed tapes for those very tiny seeds to be planted at the right spacing. Kids can unroll toilet paper the length of the garden area to be planted on a work table. Using a ruler, measure and mark the distance the seeds should be planted apart from each other. Mix flour and a little water to make a thick paste and apply the paste to the first marks on the paper with a cotton swab. Carefully place one or two seeds on each glob of paste. Finish the length of the paper and allow the paper to dry. Kids can roll the seeds up when they are dry and put them in a plastic bag in the refrigerator with a tag telling the name of the seed and how deep to plant it.

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