Kids Seed Garden


Kids can save seeds to protect future food crops. Over the past few decades, seed-saving advocates have fought to save non-hybrid varieties of vegetables and grains. Hybrids are developed by seed companies for produce to be able to transport easily and hold on grocer’s shelves, rather than for flavor and texture of the food. Farmers need to buy hybrid seeds every season from those seed companies for new seeds to grow that season’s crops. Heirloom varieties of veggies are passed down by families from generation to generation. Seed saving has always been a part of gardening. Open-pollinated, true to type seeds can be harvested and stored, producing quality veggies year after year. This ability to produce seeds also provides food self sufficiency and self reliance. Kids can start a seed saving garden with self pollinating annuals such as organic open pollinated varieties of lettuce, peas, and beans. Kids can plant, harvest, shell, and dry organic open-pollinated pole beans and store them in a jar labeled with the date and variety. Seed saving enables kids to select a variety that suits their climate and grows especially well in their garden. Each season kids can plant one variety to grow to seed in their garden and help preserve heirloom varieties for the future.


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