Kids Snack Time Fun


On rainy days, kids can create fun snacks with activities that encourage creative thinking. Making edible necklaces is a great snack activity for hand-eye coordination and an introduction to sewing. The fun starts as kids make a snack, wear it, and then eat it. Kids can create edible necklaces with dental floss and a large plastic needle. Bite size pieces of fruit and berries, cereal, or popcorn can be strung on the dental floss. Kids can create patterns and colors to coordinate their necklace with their outfit. For a road trip, kids can create a pretzel and popcorn necklace and munch on it while traveling in the car. Another fun snack activity is creating a pirate map with edible treasure. Kids can make a treasure map of their home or room with a basic floor plan and some furniture placement. Kids can make their favorite cookies and put them in separate plastic bags. Parents or siblings can hide the cookies and use stickers to mark on the map where they hid the snacks or make clues to follow for a scavenger hunt, leaving a cookie bag with each clue. Kids can make an avocado dip for another fun snack activity. Kids can draw lines on a paper plate to make a fruit and veggie tic-tac-toe game. Each player chooses a food as a marker and the winner gets to choose which snack to eat. Both players will enjoy the dip and can continue playing until the snack is gone. Another fun activity is fashioning grapes and toothpicks to build structures. Kid can make triangles, squares, pyramids, and towers. Kid can change the toothpicks for pretzels and the grapes for slices of apple can make structures of different sizes and shapes.


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  1. brugesvegan says:

    Great idea and looks nice too 🙂

    1. Fun and Yummy! The secret is using all organic ingredients and cooking from scratch!

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