Kids Clay Pot Cooler

Clay pot cooler

A pot inside a pot was the refrigerator for ancient Egyptian kids, even though the technology was later lost in North Africa. Kids in ancient India also had a similar water cooling system. The Pot in Pot design was designed by Mohamed Bah Abba, a Nigerian teacher, in the 1990’s and is an evaporated cooling refrigeration devise that does not use electricity. He developed this inexpensive system for the 1.5 billion people who have no access to refrigeration today. Kids need a hot dry climate for this solar powered refrigerator. Food is packed into a watertight ceramic pot, which is inside a larger unglazed earthenware pot. The space between the two is filled with sand, which is soaked in water. The water soaks into the outer pot and evaporates in the sun, drawing heat from the food in the inner chamber. With a constant air flow of dry air the inner pot can reach a temperature as low as 40 degrees. The refrigerator is a favorite part of the kitchen whether it’s a new smart fridge or a clay pot cooler.

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