Kids use Organic Bio Char


Kids can use an organic soil amendment made from plant matter that is burned called Organic Cool Terra Bio Char. Kids can look for the organic label to promote plant growth, retain soil moisture, and increase nutrient retention. Pure organic bio char with added beneficial microbes can improve the soil for a lifetime. Ancient farmers would cut down the trees and burn the tree branches and brush to clear the land for planting. The ashes that remained after the fire reduced soil acidity. Burning the branches and bushes also added nitrogen, magnesium, calcium, potash, and phosphorus to the soil, minerals that are important to plant growth. Bio Char is a high carbon charcoal that can store large amounts of greenhouse gases in the ground for centuries while increasing soil productivity. The effectiveness of the bio char depends on its properties and additives, which is why all organic is the best choice. Bio char is produced by roasting wood and leafy greens in smothered fires with low temperatures and oxygen levels to make charcoal. The charcoal is mixed into the garden bed and is colonized with beneficial microbes, fungi, and earthworms to create a rich soil for kids to grow veggies.

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