Kids Orange Cold Buster


Oranges grew in China 20 million years ago. Now Brazil is the largest producer of oranges, followed by Florida and California. Every year in February, millions of people visit Menton, France, to see sculptures built out of oranges and lemons. Kids can grow an organic orange tree grafted to a dwarf rootstock in a large container that can be moved inside during the winter freeze. A drip watering system with a battery run timer is a great way to make sure the tree is watered consistently. Organic fruit tree fertilizer or compost can be used lightly every two weeks from early spring until mid July. The tree brings lovely spring blossoms, a delightful fragrance, and an abundant supply of a perfect snack. Kids can use orange juice in cooking a sweet and sour sauce for an Asian dish or zest the orange peel to bake orange cranberry muffins. Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C, fiber, vitamin B1, and other antioxidants which kids need to prevent and fight colds and flu. Kids can make a delicious Cold Buster Smoothie by mixing in the blender 1 cup fresh organic orange juice, 1 cup organic strawberries, ¾ cup organic papaya, and 1 frozen organic banana.


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