Kids Net Trellis


Kids can mount a net trellis on a raised bed garden or planter box. The trellis gives added support to the plants and a net helps to keep birds and critters away from the veggies. Kids can get landscaping net that lets in plenty of air and sunshine and allows for watering at the nursery or garden center. Nets can be horizontal so that plants can grow through the net and be supported or vertical so that plants can climb upward. Kids can assist some stems or tendrils around a vertical trellis net before they get tangled. Covering the raised bed with a frame and net on all sides, kids can protect their veggies from the birds and bunnies. Kids can make a tripod net trellis by joining three bamboo poles together at the top, as in a bean pole teepee, the beans climb on the net strung between them. Wood frames can be attached to one end of the raised bed or poles can be attached at the corners and kids can attach nets between the frames. Kids can support plant stems and protect veggies from critters with a net trellis.

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