Kids Organic Soybeans


Kids in China and Japan have been eating soy for thousands of years as soybeans rank as top bean in protein content and in variety of uses. Soybeans are the most consumed legume on earth and so economically they are the most important bean in the world. It is a secret ingredient in 75% of the processed foods on supermarket shelves. Soybeans are difficult to digest, cause flatulence, and are made edible by being processed into soy sauce, tofu, miso, soymilk, flour, sprouts, tempeh, textured vegetable protein, and oil. Most of these processes include the use of toxic chemicals. Farm animals are fed 80% of soy produced worldwide as ground soy meal. Soy is big business where three companies have 70% of the world’s soybean growing and processing market. Soy is also processed into plastics, paint, and adhesives. Genetically modified soybeans processed with chemicals have reached 90% of the market in the United States. Kids can look for whole organic soy food like organic sprouted tofu, full fat organic soymilk, organic tempeh, and organic miso for the healthiest form of processed soy. Kids can grow a soy bush, like “Butterbeans”, for eating Edamame, raw soy beans in the green shell stage that are digestible, nutritious, and delicious. Kids can cook organic whole soy beans, strain the soymilk from the fiber with a cloth, and use sea salt to coagulate the soymilk into tofu patties from scratch.


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