Kid Chef Tofu Noodles


Kids can make a high protein, brain power dish with organic sprouted tofu and organic veggies. Because genetically modified soybeans processed with toxic chemicals have reached 90% of the market in the United States, kids can read the labels and find the organic sprouted tofu. Kids can steam 4 chopped organic crimini mushrooms, 4 large chopped oyster mushrooms, 1 chopped organic carrot, 1/3 cup chopped organic cauliflower, ¼ chopped organic red bell pepper, 2 tbsp minced organic red onion, 1 chopped organic celery with top, and 1 minced organic garlic clove. For the sauce, kids can pour ¼ cup organic soy sauce in a sauce pan with 1 tbsp organic extra virgin coconut oil, 1 tsp grated organic ginger, 1 tsp organic maple syrup, ½ tsp sea salt, and ¼ tsp organic ground cumin and add the tofu to warm on low heat. Kids can boil organic wide udon noodles for 8 minutes in salted water, drain, and stir in sauce, tofu, veggies and serve.


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