Kids Container Berry Bushes


Kids can grow sweet juicy organic berries in containers on a patio. Because conventionally grown berries are among the top foods compromised by pesticides, kids can find organic starter plants at their local nursery.  Birds also love berries so kids need to cover their bushes with netting during the harvest period. Blueberry bushes, like the ones pictures, are compact shrubs that grow happily in patio pots in sun or partial shade and produce delicious berries during the summer. They are slow growing acid loving bushes that require little pruning and fruit best on branches that are two or three years old. Summer raspberries grown in pots can be trained up a bamboo pole. Kids can plant up to three canes in a 12 inch container. Prune them after the last fruits have been harvested, cutting the fruited canes to the base and tying new canes to the supporting pole. Prune autumn fruiting raspberry canes to ground level in February, as they fruit on canes that grow rapidly in the spring and do not need support. Kids can plant organic strawberries in a large terra cotta strawberry pot with multiple plants in the different openings. Most strawberry plants produce in the summer for several years. After harvesting the strawberry crop, kids can cut back the ragged foliage and move the pots to protect them from frost. When kids grow organic berries on the patio, they are rewarded with delicious berries rich in antioxidants, making the perfect snack.


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