Healing in the Kitchen Garden


Nature has long been credited with the rejuvenation of body and spirit. Kids bloom in the fresh garden air and are delighted to make delicious meals with the produce from their organic veggie garden. Families can improve their health, their prosperity, and their environment by growing an organic backyard garden and cooking from scratch. Just by replacing processed and genetically modified food filled with chemical additives, pesticides, artificial ingredients, and preservatives with super alive food from their organic patio garden, parents can save money on food and doctor bills. Scientific studies have shown that at risk kids in the inner cities have completely changed their lives learning culinary and gardening skills at school. Both in the kitchen and in the garden, kids can learn math, reading, science, and hand-eye coordination. Kids learn life skills and healthy eating habits, plus get great exercise doing fun garden projects. Kids can become more self-sufficient and confident when they learn to prepare healthy meals from food they have grown and earn the esteem of family and friends when they learn to cook delicious healthy dishes that everyone enjoys. Families and friends can gather around an outdoor kitchen in their organic veggie garden and celebrate with the luscious taste of just picked ripe produce that they have grown.

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