Kids CSA Programs


Kids and their families can support locally owned business by signing up for Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Programs and buy fresh, local, organic food straight from the farm. Local farm produce is fresher, less expensive, and healthier. Kids enjoy connecting to the farmers, digging in the soil, and learning where their food comes from. Parents can subscribe to a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Program, like the certified organic Abundant Table at McGrath Farm, and get fresh local organic produce, save money, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve the local economy. When money is spent at a local business, it is recycled within the community. Families can order regular or large size boxes every week or every other week and pick up their box at a conveniently located pick-up site or have it delivered. Kids get a seasonal surprise when they get their box as they don’t know exactly what they will get from week to week. But they know it has just been harvested from a farm they have visited. CSA programs bring the community together for events, like Spring on the Farm pictured here. According to US government reports, CSA members can save 60 – 150% on the prices of comparable produce in the supermarket.  CSA proceeds support Farm to School and nutrition education programs that connect schools with local farms to provide healthy meals from the school cafeteria. Kids can learn from the farmers about the cycle of food and how it affects their health. The programs include farm tours, cooking classes, taste testing, school gardens, and composting.  Eating fresh foods, visits with farmers, and having food related education can turn kids into healthy eaters for a lifetime.

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