Kids Feed the World


On family farms around the world, kids help grow food. In community gardens, backyard gardens, school gardens, and urban farming projects in cities and towns, kids are planting seeds of healthy eating, self sufficiency, and confidence as they learn to grow organic food for the family. Kids can help collect seeds, weed gardens, plant for pollinators, harvest, prepare, and distribute food. Kids can save heirloom seeds and grow many different varieties of produce that are more delicious and nutritious than the variety of produce from the supermarket that has been chosen to ship and store well. Families can create enchanting outdoor rooms in a patio lined with raised veggie planters and container fruit trees. A small sandbox for toddlers can be changed into their own raised bed veggie garden, when kids outgrow the sand. Young kids enjoy the responsibility of looking after their own food plants. Toy trucks and fairy gardens invite kids to play outside. Family backyard fruit and veggie gardens are turned into outdoor rooms by adding a relaxing area for adults, a play area for kids and a cooking and picnic area for all. When kids start gardening at a young age, they learn that some ways of growing food are better for the health of the people and the Earth. Our food system starts with growing the produce, which is sent to be processed and packaged and put on trucks to warehouses and supermarkets, and ends with the consumer throwing away the food packaging. Kids can help grow and cook food at home, creating healthier meals, less carbon footprint, and more family time.

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