Kids Battle Weeds


Instead of grabbing weed killers that contaminate the water runoff, corrupt the soil, and poison wildlife, kids can use organic non-toxic methods to have a weed-free growing spot for their veggie container garden. The major toxic chemical found in weed killers used by millions around the world is a probable carcinogen and has been found in human breast milk, urine, and DNA. Conventional food is grown by spraying the crops with poisons known to harm people, growing only one crop on large industrial farms, using GMO seeds with poisons, antibiotics, bacteria, and viruses inserted into the DNA, and using herbicides that kill all life in the soil. Organic food growers’ plant crops with companion plants that nurture one another, rotate crops to create a healthy soil, use heirloom seeds for diversity, and encourage microbial life in the soil. Weeds are perfect additions to the compost heap.


First kids need to dig up the weeds with a shovel and then block new weeds from growing in the garden area. Use a rototiller to break up any roots in the soil and to create level smooth area. To prevent gophers from eating the crops, kids can lay chicken wire on the newly weeded area where the raised beds will be established. Kids can use newspapers and cardboard to block weeds for one season but they break down quickly and the weeds will come back. Kids should not use sheet plastic or tarps to block weeds as it will keep moisture from soaking into the ground and raise the chance of mold and disease. For the best results, kids can install a weed barrier of landscape fabric that keeps weeds, fungus, and crawling pests out of the garden area. Most home and garden supply center have a variety of landscape fabrics in rolls of different strengths and thickness. Kids can cut the length of fabric required and hammer U-shaped wire staples directly into the ground through the material, putting staples along the edges and pulling the material tight. Cover the landscape material with a 1-inch-thick layer of wood chips. With a weed barrier, kids can create a beautiful, clean garden area to put a raised bed on and produce abundant herbs and veggies without weeds or toxic weed killers.

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