Kids Natural Weight Loss


Kids can naturally lose weight permanently by substituting new healthy habits for old processed food addictions. Overweight kids and kids with diabetes, food allergies, and other food related diseases have drastically increased. Sixty years ago, families were mostly eating homemade meals from scratch, often from their own fruit and veggie garden. Today, weary parents get inexpensive fast food that is high in calories and low in nutrition. Kids eat a whole bag of snack food and a soda with a sugar rush, harmful chemicals, and fat. Kids can bake snacks with organic whole grains, quick and easy at home for a fraction of the cost. Pediatricians advise families to cut sodas and snacks from their diet and replace them with pure water and homemade meals to lose weight and feel healthy. Kids can learn to be self sufficient when they grow an organic container fruit and veggie garden. Natural weight loss happens when kids have adventures in the garden and the kitchen, getting excited by the new experiences they discover. Beans, nuts, and whole grains are energy foods that help kids lose weight with fiber and healthy fats.  After two or three weeks of substituting organic whole foods, the addiction to fast processed foods with their sugar, salt, fat, additives, preservatives, and toxic chemicals wears off, and kids find they love the taste of organic fruit, whole grains, beans, and fresh from the garden veggies. Families come together around the dinner table, eating healthy homemade meals from scratch fresh from the garden.

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