Kids Culinary World Tour


Kids can create an organic culinary world tour at home by creating a menu from a different culture every week. At the food court in the mall, urban kids have experienced Italian, Mexican, Asian, and Indian. Too often fast food restaurants serve fried processed foods, filled with preservatives, chemicals, and hormones, creating an alarming rise in diabetes, obesity, and food allergies. Kids can choose their favorite flavor profiles, create a menu, and enlist the participation of siblings, parents, and grandparents in the fun. Throughout the summer, kids can choose one day a week, like every Saturday, for their culinary world tour with a different culture every week. At the library, kids can find cookbooks with recipes from around the world. Kids can make healthy organic meals from scratch with whole grains, spices, herbs, and sauces that are commonly used in different cultures. Certain spices are associated with certain ethnic dishes: basil, parley, oregano, and thyme for Italian, cilantro and chili powder for Mexican, ginger and soy sauce for Asian, and curry and cumin for Indian. When kids get involved in the meal planning, grocery shopping, preparing of the food, and setting of the table, they are so excited that their joy brings the family together around the table. To make the Culinary World Tour even more exciting, kids can dress in native costumes, play appropriate ethnic music, and decorate the table to invoke the culture. Some kids enjoy finding interesting historical facts, poems, or games that relate to the culture and sharing them during the meal. Using only organic ingredients, kids can create a family event with a fun meal rich in brain power, nutrients, and energy and experience cultures around the world.

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