Kids Sleep Well

Sleepy boys

Parents can create bedtime rituals and enjoy time with their kids while establishing healthy sleeping patterns. Kids need at least ten hours of sleep each night. If the child needs to get up at 7 am, the bedtime rituals can begin at 8 pm for families to have a lovely hour together before sleep. All electrical devises need to be turned off an hour before sleep to calm the neural patterns in the brain. A nice warm bath at bedtime is a delightful, calm, and healthy way to induce sleep, washing away the dirt of the day and relaxing the mind. Changing out of day clothes and underwear, having bath tub fun, and climbing into pajamas gives kids the psychological benefit of demarcating awake time and sleepy time. For generations, kids have loved being read fairy tales and bedtime stories.  Not only does reading a chapter of a favorite book each night help kids to fall asleep easily, but it gives them a love of reading. If kids wake up in the night, they can keep a book by the bed to relax them back to sleep.  A lullaby is another proven way to help babies and kids fall asleep. Kids respond to the soothing hum of the parent’s voice or their playing of a musical instrument, as music affects the deepest structures of the brain. Hopefully, kids have had an hour of healthy exercise during the day and may appreciate a back rub as part of the bedtime ritual. Parents’ kisses, cuddles, and hugs before saying “good night” are important for the emotional, mental, and physical health of the child. Too much liquid before bed can result in kids being awakened in the night to go to the bathroom. However, kids that are all wounded up and can’t settle down for the night can try a few ounces of this Sleepy Smoothie that releases amino acids, tryptophan and melatonin, produced by the brain to help regulate sleep. Kids can put 2 tablespoons chopped walnuts, three chopped dates, a banana, and 6 ounces of yogurt in a blender and share with the family. Like Peter Rabbit, kids and parents can also enjoy a warm cup of Chamomile Tea occasionally to help relax after a particularly stressful day.

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